Interview with Innovators with Jon Udell

Jon Udell's been doing his Friday Podcast for some time now. For almost as long, I've been trying to get him to do it on IT Conversations. He was willing, but there were some hurdles. I'm happy to report that the last hurdle was cleared a few weeks ago and last Friday I published Jon's first show, an interview with Phil Libin, in a new series on IT Conversations.

Jon won't be a stranger to longtime IT Conversations listeners who will remember him as regular member of the original Gillmor Gang. Jon also appeared recently on Technometria with Scott Lemon and I.

When we got ready to launch, Jon recognized that "Friday Podcast" was maybe too generic for IT Conversations, so Jon's calling the show Interviews with Innovators. I think it's an apt name. Jon's always had good conversations with people at the front of their fields. His gentle, persistent manner is backed up with a unique understanding of technology and a deep interest in its impact on society. Listen a few times and I'm sure you'll be a regular.

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