Kathy Sierra, Chris Locke, and Due Process

The post I made about Kathy Sierra's harassment at the hands of trolls continues to see considerable traffic from Google. Over the week end, Kathy and Chris Locke (who was linked to the harassing posts in Kathy's original post, but never shown to be directly involved) published a coordinated statement prior to a joint appearance on CNN today. I haven't found the CNN piece--it was probably pre-empted by the tsunami news--but will update this post with a link when it airs. Here's Kathy's statement about the statement.

Alan Herrell was also linked by Kathy to the incidents. As this note from Alan (posted on Doc Searl's blog) shows people react to hate with hate. In the name of defending Kathy, people harassed Alan, even though, like Chris, he was never shown to be directly involved. There's a reason that civilized societies have a concept of due process. It's a shame that we seem to need that civics lesson over and over again.

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