CTO Breakfast Reminder

Just a reminder that we'll hold the May CTO breakfast this coming Thursday at 8am. We're in the usual place--the Novell cafeteria. Some of you are still holding out because it seems so far away, but give it a chance. It's actually no further than the Canyon Park Technology Center meeting place from the freeway.

I've been traveling for two weeks: WWW2007 in Banff and IIW2007a in Mountain View and have some interesting ideas from those trips. I'd love to hear about your ideas and interests as well, so come and share. There's no charge to attend, but you'll have to buy your own breakfast, if you like.

Directions can be found on the CTO Breakfast page.

Here are the dates for the upcoming breakfasts:

  • Jun 29 (Friday)
  • Jul 20 (Friday)
  • Aug 23 (Thursday)

Please put these on your calendar now.

See you there.

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