Want a glimpse of the first iPhone app in the wild? OneTrip is a shopping list application that is built with the iPhone's form factor and multi-touch screen in mind, but will run in Safari on any platform (and apparently Firefox as well).

one thing I noticed when I played around with it is that there's no log in. That makes it simple, and cookies are good enough to keep your list around from visit to visit. But the power of a Web-based application lies partially in it's ubiquity. I want to be able to maintain my list on my computer and then see it on the iPhone (or more realistically have my wife put things in it and I go pick them up). Given the requirements, OpenID would be a perfect solution here.

OneTrip is the work of Neven Mrgan, a 27-year old software developer and graphic designer from Portland, OR. Of course, no one knows (except maybe Walt Mossberg) knows whether this app will work on a real iPhone.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.