I'm number ninety six in line. I'm about half way up, so I expect there's about 200 people here. The Apple guys have been by to pick up trash and hand out slurpees (very nice!). They said we'd "be fine" so I expect that the inventory is good. There's lots of news crews and reporters working the lines as well. People keep showing up.

The security guards for the mall came by a while back and gave us "the rules" regarding saving places, etc. People can swap in and out of line, but if they try and save places for more people than are in line, security will kick them out.

Rummors were that the Cingular store a block away didn't have much of a line, so a bunch of people jumped out a few hours ago and went there. Some of them came back later--apparently the Cingular store only had like 20 phones, so when their line got too long, they told people to go.

A guy near me in line, Kevin from Park City TV, went to Dicks Sporting Goods and bought a shade tent. I went over and bought a golf umbrella. Lots of people have bought chairs, umbrellas, and so on. Whether of not Apple makes money, Dick's is cleaning up!

California Pizza Kitchen has been making deliveries to the line. I got a Diet Coke and it about saved my life.

Apple will let you by two phones--even the security guard confirmed this. My second phone is already spoken for. Sorry.

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