Optical Illusion: Qwest's Concern for Consumers

I was quoted in a City Weekly article on what Salt Lake City mayoral candidates think about municipal broadband in general and Utopia in particular. It wasn't my quote, however, that caught my eye, but one from Jerry Fenn. Jerry is a lawyer by training and Qwest's Utah President (a position that's mostly about lobbying, I think):

Fenn admits that Qwest has been on "the other side of municipally backed telecom projects" mostly because of the long-term harm to consumers.
From Salt Lake City Weekly - Optical Illusion
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Is there anyone, and I mean anyone, including Jerry's wife and kids, who believes that Qwest is in this fight because they are concerned about "consumers?" The amazing thing is that Jerry could say that to your face and not even crack a smile.

I'd love to see a study on the net effect of municipal broadband. I think residents of cities in Utah with municipal broadband have benefited regardless of whether they've signed up for the service or not. Whenever Utopia goes into a neighborhood, Qwest and Comcast drop their rates to keep their customers.

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