The Last Chinese Chef and Technology

I'm a little behind in listening to TechNation. Sometimes before I listen to a show on TechNation, I wonder "how can this be related to technology." Such was the case with Moira's interview with Nicole Mones author of The Last Chinese Chef.

First, this is a novel. Second, it's about Chinese cooking. But the conversation was, in large part, about the technology of Chinese cooking the role that topipc plays in the novel. They also talked about Mones' previous book A Cup of Light and how it is based on the technology of porcelain.

Things like food and porcelain are so old hat now that we rarely think of the technology behind them and the significant discoveries that have gone into the centuries long developments that we enjoy everyday.

On the topic of food tech, a while back we published an IEEE Spectrum Radio show on geek cooking that profiled Michael Chu and his Cooking for Engineers website. I thoroughly enjoyed that show.

If you're interested in the science behind cooking, I highly recommend What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained . I picked this book up a few years ago and liked it a lot. The style is lots of short articles, so it's easy to read on the go, or while you're cooking.

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