Via Jim Harper, a report on the TSA's ruling that requires some passengers to present two forms of ID.

What's ironic is these are the passengers who signed up for the Registered Traveler program, designed to let frequent fliers escape the inspection line.

The TSA is requiring that these registered travelers present a government issued ID (like any other traveler) in addition to their RT card.

Beginning last fall, TSA suddenly required that RT members using the RT line show a picture ID and their RT card right before entering the line. These are the same RT cards that, when put into the RT kiosk, will use the traveler's fingerprint or iris scan to biometrically match the user to the data embedded in the card. That's right, RT members are the only travelers who must present TWO forms of identification.
From TLF: TSA's Embarrassing "Double ID" Rule
Referenced Tue Jul 31 2007 15:04:18 GMT-0600

Only the TSA could take a program designed to make traveling easier and turn it into something even more demanding.

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