My Media Consumption Diet

Ian Forrester tagged me on a meme to share my media consumption diet. So here's my diet:

Web: I'm on the Web all the time. Even more now that I've got an iPhone. I typically have a dozen tabs open on my browser from various things I'm looking at on any given day. I used to have over 100 feeds on my news reader (NetNewsWire or Google Reader depending on my mood), but I've whittled that down to around 40 by getting rid of things I hardly ever read in detail.

I used to use Firefox exclusively, but swung back to Safari when version 3 came out. I miss some things about Firefox (especially Sxipper), but find Safari to be fast and reliable. It also has the advantage of syncing bookmarks with my iPhone.

Communication: I have an iPhone. I like it, but I don't actually like talking on any phone very much.

I use IM a lot--I like it because it less disruptive to me and the person I want to talk to than a phone. iChat is my IM client. I use Skype more as an IM service than a VoIP service to reach people not on AIM.

I get too much email--even after the Spam is thrown out. Email is becoming less reliable and thus less important to me. Reliability is hurt by Spam filters all throughout the system. Many times important messages to me or from me end up undelivered.

Podcasts: As Executive Producer, I listen to everything on IT Conversations. As a consequence, I don't have the time to listen to much else.

Music: I listen to a lot of music from the 60's and 70's. Sometimes my 18 year old son will introduce me to something newer that I like (like Guster). I also like classical music and buy a fair amount of that. I buy music from Amazon and iTunes, the latter less than the former.

TV: I watch (usually mediated by Tivo) the evening news, NOVA, New Yankee Workshop, and not much else. I used to enjoy The Apprentice, but not so much anymore. My wife and I are big Lost fans, but we watch it on DVD. I haven't gotten into the habit of buying any other TV shows yet.

Movies: I'll watch anything from Pixar. :-) I subscribe to Netflix and we watch a movie every couple of weeks. We go out to the theater once in a while--when we need the break.

Magazines: Wired, Bicycling, National Geographic, Macworld, and Communications of the ACM.

Newspapers: Never in print--always online.

Books: I read a lot of books. One or more per week. I love fiction--usually spy or legal thrillers. I also have a healthy diet of non-fiction books. My interests run to history, biography, and business. I buy and use a fair number of technical books without really reading them.

Games: Occasionally I play Sudoku on my tablet while I'm waiting for something. I like chess and board games more than video games.

My turn to tag some folks:

Dave Fletcher, Scott Lemon, Jeff Barr, Doug Kaye, and Paul Allen.

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