O'Reilly Calls for Participation

O'Reilly Media has several calls for participation that are due soon.

Now in its seventh year, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference hones in on the ideas, projects, and technologies that the alpha geeks are thinking about, hacking on, and inventing right now. Do you have something that points the way to the future? O'Reilly Media invites technologists and strategists, CTOs and CIOs, technology evangelists and scouts, programmers and hackers, researchers and academics, artists and activists, business developers, and entrepreneurs to lead conference sessions and tutorials at ETech. The call for participation ends September 17, 2007.

The O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference celebrates what's different across the entire telecommunication industry, examining the edges of innovation to find the freshest ingredients for the telecom cooking pot. ETel welcomes plenary submissions for our audience of people who, like you, are pushing through the boundaries of communications into new ways of thinking and doing. Topics will be centered around the innovations and projects occurring at the intersection of voice, instant messaging, the mobile ecosystem, and the Web. The call for participation ends September 17, 2007.

The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) Conference explores how technology is influencing the future of publishing, sparking creativity and inspiring conversation for leading change in the industry. TOC considers what's at stake for the future of publishing for people who are passionate about books and book publishing -- if you are passionate about books and publishing, submit a proposal to speak at TOC 2008, the call for participation is open until October 1, 2007.

ETel and ETech will both happen in San Diego the week of March 3, 2008. TOC is in New York Feb 11-13, 2008. All three of these will be appearing on IT Conversations.

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