Social Innovations is a sister channel to IT Conversations. They have a 10 part series of lectures by Amory Lovins, the Cofounder, Chairman, and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The series is a from set of five lectures he delivered at Stanford earlier this year.

I'm cross posting the Lovins lectures on ITC. The first lecture (see part I and part II) is on energy efficiency for buildings. This lecture has been highly rated by SIC listeners and I think ITC listeners will enjoy it too.

The second lecture, on energy efficiency in buildings (see part I, part II, and part III), has also been well received.

Many people I talk to are put off my environmentalism because it seems to always be telling them that they should "suffer" for the earth's sake. People don't like that message. One of the refreshing things about Armory's message is that you can do the right thing by the earth and be better off--more from less. That's a refreshing message and accounts for a great deal of the appeal. If you're interested in how good, smart design can result in more comfort with significantly reduced energy footprints, then I think you'll like these lectures as well.

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