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Defrag 2007

Doc is giving his riff on VRM. It's new and different every time. No one does this sort of thing as well as Doc. With respect to VRM, he quotes Whitman:

And I know I am solid and sound;\t
To me the converging objects of the universe perpetually flow;\t
All are written to me, and I must get what the writing means.

I know I am deathless;\t
I know this orbit of mine cannot be swept by the carpenter's compass;\t
I know I shall not pass like a child's carlacue cut with a burnt stick at night.\t

I know I am august;\t
I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or be understood;\t
I see that the elementary laws never apologize;\t
(I reckon I behave no prouder than the level I plant my house by, after all.)\t

I exist as I am---that is enough;\t
If no other in the world be aware, I sit content;\t
And if each and all be aware, I sit content.\t

One world is aware, and by far the largest to me, and that is myself;\t
And whether I come to my own to-day, or in ten thousand or ten million years,\t
I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness I can wait.

It seems relevant. He said a lot more than this, but his gestalt is so hard to capture in a blog post.

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