New Conferences on IT Conversations

This week, I published shows on IT Conversations from two new series: the Singularity Summit and RailsConf. Here are the show descriptions.

Rodey Brookes Rodney Brooks - The Singularity: A Period Not An Event - In the keynote presentation from the 2007 Singularity Summit, Rodney Brooks, Panasonic Professor of Robotics at MIT, explores many possible singularity futures based on decades of experience researching, inventing, and commercializing robots. During this presentation Dr. Brooks examines why we need robotics and AI as well as how the singularity will not be like it is portrayed by Hollywood.

David Heinemeier Hansson David Heinemeier Hansson - Rails 2007 Keynote - The next evolution of Rails isn't going to be a unicorn, according to David Heinemeier Hansson. In this keynote address at the 2007 RailsConf, Hansson talks about what the Rails community has and where it's going, and the gradual improvements Rails will see in the coming years.

There are many other new conferences, including Supernova and Defrag that will be coming along in the next few weeks and months. Watch for them--they're sure to give you something to listen to on those long winter nights.

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