November PLUG on the State of FOSS in Utah


The Provo Linux User's Group meeting for November will be on the 14th at 7:30pm. Omniture is hosting, so head on over to Canyon Park Technology Center. I'm going to try to make it. Here's the announcement:

This is an exciting month for PLUG. We have a new meeting location: Omniture. Never before has the local FOSS community been stronger. The reach of groups like PLUG is growing beyond just a few computer hobbyists. Linux is now becoming the premiere solution for countless business tasks, rather than just an alternative one. If there was any doubt, it was dispelled with the recent runaway success of the first ever Utah Open Source Conference.

In line with the new growth trends in FOSS we have invited Clint Savage, president of the Utah Open Source Foundation to offer the first "State of Utah FOSS" presentation. This exciting new foundation is helping all of the Utah FOSS groups (like PLUG) take their groups to new heights. Come participate, grab a drink, shoot some pool, and meet the new players in the Utah open source industry!

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