Scoble on Tech at Fast Company

Scoble is doing a video column at Fast Company called Scoble on Tech. Interesting format: Scoble and Ed Sussman from Fast Company are chatting on video. There's pretty high production value--it's edited down so that you see each person when they talk and there are out takes to sites they talk about and graphics.

I just heard about it from Brad Baldwin while we were meeting about Podcamp SLC (Jan 26--more later). I watched the show on Open Social and learned some things. There's definitely meat here.

Still, I'm not convinced that lots of people are going to take the time to regularly watch video. Do you watch much video online (besides the funny YouTube videos people send you in email, I mean)? Really? Doing something like Scoble on Tech is considerably more expensive than an audio podcast. I'm reticent to make that kind of time commitment without a compelling reason.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.