The New Federated Identity

I've been asked to put together a feature for InfoWorld on user-centric identity. The feature will include written text, a couple of podcasts, and some flash animations. I'm a little excited about the opportunity to use these different media to communicate the idea of this important topic to business.

The podcasts will be 15-20 minutes each on the following topics:

  • Podcast on user control and laws of identity
  • Podcast on state of identity in enterprise

I've already got these scheduled with guests, so please don't ask to be on the podcast.

The initial outline for the written part is:

  • Intro to User Centric Identity -- statement of problem (300-400 words)
  • Technology: OpenID & CardSpace (700 words)
  • User-Centric Identity in the Enterprise - how can I use it now? (touch on security, privacy, federation, customers, limitations, etc) (800-1000 words)
  • Futures - where is this going? (500 words)

If you have ideas on any of these areas, please let me know or leave a comment. I'm particularly interested in where you think this will go in the near term.

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