Laurianne McLaughlin has an excellent article in CIO magazine about security threats in virtual machines and what you can do now to mitigate them. One that caught my eye was No. 4, "Understand the Value of an Embedded Hypervisor". The reason I was tuned into that was a conversation I had with Gregory Ness on a Technometria podcast where he went into some detail about the role of a hypervisor in VM security.

As an aside, am I the only one who finds the interstitial page ads that IDG is placing in this online magazines completely annoying? I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't the same ad, over and over again. I don't mind them having ads--after all, I write for InfoWorld, another IDG publication. Maybe its because I do write for them that they bother me so much. I suspect that 90% of the people will never tunnel through the interstitial to the second page.

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