Blogging: Talking to Friends

Jeff Jarvis, in a larger piece on corporate blogging and where it goes wrong writes a nice bit of advice for all bloggers:

When I was in London, I sat with folks from the BBC in an afternoon devoted to blogging, and the woman next to me was troubled, bearing weight on her shoulders from having to fill her blog and manage her blog. To her, the blog was a thing, a beast that needed to be fed, a never-ending sheet of blank paper. I turned to her and said she should see past the blog. It's not a show with a rundown that, without feeding, turns into dead air. Indeed, if you look at it that way, you'll probably write crappy blog posts. I've said before that if I think I need to write a post just because I haven't written one, I inevitably come out with something forced and bad. Instead, I blog when I find something interesting that I've seen and I think, 'I have to tell my friends about that.'
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That's so true. When you read something so exciting that you have to share, the blog just seems to flow. When you're "just talking to your friends" there's no work in blogging.

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