I was chosen, for the fifth year in a row, as a member of vSpring Capital's v|100 list. Actually, the reason I started Kynetx was so that I wouldn't get kicked off the v|100. :-) The list is supposed to be of people most likely to start a high-tech business in the next five years, I figured this was my last year before people would start getting suspicious.

From the announcement:

The v|100 was created in 2004 by vSpring Capital as a tool to recognize outstanding entrepreneurs who have ties to the state of Utah. Members of the v|100 become part of a community of entrepreneurs that fosters collaboration and support among its members as they build and grow some of the most exciting companies. Each year, vSpring asks members of the Utah business community to nominate individuals who are most likely to lead a successful startup technology venture in the next five to seven years in a c-level executive role. Those nominees who garner the most votes from their peers in a nominee-only second step of the annual voting process are then elected into the v|100.

"The number of nominations submitted this year exceeds all previous years and we are pleased with the results that the v|100 voting process produces," said Paul Ahlstrom, managing director of vSpring Capital. "New venture creation is critical to the growth of our economy, and the v|100 program consistently identifies individuals who are likely to generate successful ventures in the coming years. The quality of the v|100 recipients is an indication of the vibrancy of Utah's entrepreneurial ecosystem and talent pool," Ahlstrom said.

From 2008 Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs @ SYS-CON Media
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I'm honored to be part of the list. It's a good group of people to be associated with and vSpring does things with the v|100 that ensures its more than just a list.

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