NewsGang Fantasies: The Dream Team

I enjoy the News Gang, The Gang, the Gillmor Gang, or whatever it's called. Actually, I think Steve's starting to call it all the Gillmor Gang again and that's good. That's the right name and brand for Steve's podcasts. I usually listen to the Gang, as I can, while I'm driving.

There's quite a flow and I can't listen to them all (after all, I have all the IT Conversations stuff to listen to). So, I usually just pull up the latest. Today that was Friday's show.

I found myself laughing out loud as it devolved from a discussion of Shel Israel and his puppet alter ego to a liberal fantasy where Cheney and Rumsfeld are tried for war crimes by President Obama. That wasn't enough, in this flight of fancy, Hillary is the veep, Bill is the Secretary of State and both Kerry and Dukakis (yeah, him) are given cabinet posts. Not sure how Mondale fell out of favor, but he didn't get a mention that I heard.

What really cracked me up however was someone's comment that this would be awesome. Hillary could do health care, Bill could do foreign policy and Obama could do....then there was a long pause. The speaker couldn't find a role for Obama. I guess he can make speeches, exhorting them all to have hope and work for change.

The Democrats always seem to find ways to lose elections. This conversation was an indication why. Do they really not understand why the nation rejected people like Dukakis and Kerry? Are they so blind to that that they would seriously consider them part of the dream team? Yes. They are.

Between Obama and McCain, I'm actually split. I'm sure I wouldn't like many of Obama's policies, but I relate to him more generationally and sometimes that makes a bigger difference than politics. But if I had any inkling that any one of the people mentioned in the "dream team" were going to be part of the cabinet, he'd never get my vote and I think that's true of many. Hillary, even as veep, is poison to the Democratic ticket. Don't walk--run!

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