We're doing the July CTO breakfast a little early this month because of Pioneer day. For those of you not familiar with Utah, Pioneer day is a state holiday on the 24th of July and it's a pretty big deal. Celebrates the day the first pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 18481847.

We'll do the usual thing on Friday. Anyone with an interest in technology products and companies it welcome to come. Hopefully Phil Burns will come and we can get into heated discussions about the iPhone. :-) If you've got other things you'd like to discuss, bring them up.

There's no breakfast in August. After that, here's the schedule:

  • Sept 26 (Friday)
  • Oct 30 (Thursday)
  • Dec 5 (Friday) - Combined Nov and Dec breakfast

Here's a Google calendar for the breakfast.

We'll meet in the Novell Cafeteria (Building G) at 8am and go until 10am. I hope to see you there.

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