Top Ten Stories on Technometria Last Month

It's funny to me which stories and posts seem to take off and which don't. Sometimes when I'm writing a post I just know that it's going to get traction, but most of the time, it's hit or miss. Here's a list of the top ten posts on Technometria for June. Only two of them were written in June.

  1. Fixing MacBook Pro Sleep Problems 8.74% of all downloads for the month
  2. P2V: How To Make a Physical Linux Box Into a Virtual Machine 6.18%
  3. Top Ten IT Conversations Shows for May 2008 4.35%
  4. CIO vs. CT 4.23%
  5. Free Mobile Calls to Anywhere in the World 3.76%
  6. How to Start a Blog 2.37%
  7. Welcoming Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood to IT Conversations! 2.36%
  8. Dreams from My Father: My Attempts to Know Obama 1.46%
  9. Broken Scroll Ball on Mighty Mouse 1.34%
  10. Alan Kay: Is Computer Science an Oxymoron? 1.25%

The one that is the most amazing to me is the "free mobile calls" post. It's about how to use a family plan and an autodialer connected to Skype to get reduce mobile call bills. It's usually the number one hit on Google under free mobile calls, so it gets a lot of traffic. What waste of bandwidth. :-)

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