Getting Ready for IIW2008B (Nov 10-12)


We'll be holding the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) again on November 10-12 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA.

The Internet Identity Workshop focuses on what has been called user-centric identity; basically asking the question how can people manage their own identity across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with. IIW is a working meeting for a range of groups focused on the technical, social and legal issues arising with the emergence identity, relationship and social layer of the web.

Providing identity services between people, websites, and organizations that don't necessarily have a formalized relationship is a different problem than providing authentication and authorization services within one or a few organizations (enterprise provisioning/termination or federation between 2 companies).

As a community we have been exploring these kinds of questions:

  • How are social networking sites and social media tools applying user-centric identity?
  • What are the open standards to make it work? (identity and semantic)
  • What are technical implementations of those standards?
  • How do different standards and technical implementations interoperate?
  • What are the new social norms and legal constructs needed to make it work?
  • What tools are needed to make it usably secure for end-users?
  • What are the businesses cases / models that drive all this?

IIW is highly participatory anyone who wants to present can do so. The agenda is made all together on Tuesday morning. We invite you to post topics on the wiki ahead of time.

More information is available in the announcement. You can register for IIW online.

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