If you're interested in avoiding the lines at your polling place, consider early voting. Most states have provisions for early voting. Utah has information about early voting online, although sadly the actual list of locations is a PDF document. Early voting in Utah happens between October 21st and 31st. Most of the locations have limited hours, so be sure to check that. You'll need to bring a picture ID (whereas you don't for voting at your normal polling place).

I was a little disappointed in Utah's online voting information. When you go to the "Leave Your Print" site, there's no indication it's information from Utah. In a related idea, they are using the domain name leaveyourprint.com rather than vote.utah.gov, which would clearly indicate that this is an official site of the State of Utah. Nothing wrong with that kind of branding. It's catchy. But the site ought to be clear that it's an official site of the State.

Also, I love the "find your polling place" application. A few nits: The privacy policy is about voter registration records rather than the information I'm putting in the site (that's covered informally in the introductory text). Also, the polling place screen gives and address. Why not link out to a map?

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