Moviecle: Download Movies to Your USB Thumbdrive

Movicle Kiosk

I was in Boston's Logan airport this afternoon getting ready to fly home when I say this kiosk called a "Moviecle." The short description is it's a kiosk where you download movies to a USB thumbdrive. They have a collection of free content--travel guides--for now and hope to sell movies in the future.

The London travel guides I downloaded were from TravelOn, in WMV format, and had no DRM. I don't know whether that will be the case for movies or not. Somehow I suspect not. The touch screen interface was easy to use.

If I were buying, I'd apparently have to "initialize" my USB drive with some token that I get by going online before I stick the drive into the kiosk. They don't have that running yet, so I wasn't able to tell if you do that once and then you get charged each time you download a movie, or if you have to do that for every movie. The former, I suspect.

This seems like a slick idea. I've never liked the idea of renting movies at the airport since I have to get the disk back somehow. Just downloading it is the answer to that and removes some friction from the transaction.

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