This Ars Technica story tells of an ebay seller who is suing a buyer over negative feedback. Since eBay removed negative feedback for buyers, there's no other way for sellers to leverage what could be vindictive buyers. On the other side, that leverage sometimes leads to buyers being unwilling to leave feedback. Of course the threat of a lawsuit does that in spades. eBay has a reputation problem they need to solve or the whole thing could fall down. As the article concludes:

[S]ellers were a bit miffed at eBay's feedback changes, and organized a week-long strike that resulted in 13 percent fewer listings on eBay. But, for many people who make a living selling stuff online, eBay is essential to business, and many have begrudgingly returned. Although they can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, things appear to be operating smoothly--more or less--on the auction site. Libel lawsuits take tit-for-tat feedback a bit too far, however. The sky isn't falling just yet, but if more sellers decided to go after their buyers in the same way Jones has, buyers will be seen running for the hills en masse. And then who will buy all of your handmade duckling sculptures?

From Tit-for-tat extreme: eBay seller sues over negative feedback
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