Azigo's RemindMe Service and Kynetx

RemindMe service on Google.

Yesterday Azigo (Parity) launched it's RemindMe service. RemindMe uses Information Cards to represent relationships that are meaningful to the shopper and then overlays Google and Yahoo! with reminders to indicate when those relationships might be valuable. For example, if you're a AAA member, you get a discount at Hertz. RemindMe will alert you to that fact.

The reason I'm jazzed about it is that Kynetx Network Service (KNS) is being used to provide the overlays. In our partnership, Azigo is supplying the cards and selector (including the browser add-on). The add-on calls our service depending on what cards are installed and we update the page.

The selector only works on Windows for now, but the service works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. KNS is browser and system independent, so it's a good combination. If you're on Windows, go install the selector and a card or two and try it out. As an example, install the AAA card and then do a search for "hertz" or "car rental."

Kynetx is convinced that Information Cards are a key technology that will be necessary to transform the current ad hoc Web experience. A firm foundation of identity allows context-aware services to be built that are both general and powerful. Combining cloud based services with an Information Card-based browser add-on yields real transformative power. Without it, Information Cards are all about data. With KNS, Information Cards are about action.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.