TwitterCards: Grabbing Contact Data from Twitter with Microformats

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This morning @dberlind and @kevinmarks were tweeting about microformats in Twitter. David was positing something he called the "TwitterCard." Kevin points out that unbeknownest to me, and I suspect almost everyone else, Twitter supports the hCard microformat.

If you'd like to make use of them, you need a client that supports microformats. Fortunately for Firefox users, Mike Kaply has an addon that does just that called Operator. Simply install operator, go to a Twitter page and use the handy pulldown menus under the toolbar to export any hCard data as a vCard. The OS X picked it right up and offered to add it. Very nice.

I'm not sure this is everything David wanted a TwitterCard to be. But it's a start. As a bonus, the tool will also alert you to events, locations, tags, and other microformat, RDF, and RDFa data in a page. I'll be posting an interview Scott Lemon and I did with Elias Torres and Ben Adidas about RDFa on IT Conversations tomorrow.

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