IT Conversations Needs Web Editors

As you're probably aware, IT Conversations, and other Conversations Network Channels, are made possible through the efforts of a small army of Web site editors and audio engineers.

We have a terrific team of people who help out and Doug's put together a great system for managing the workfow of producing shows Now, with a bit of attrition in the ranks of both our website editors and series producers and a new channel on the way, it's time to add to the team once again.

If you'd like to help us write descriptions for our programs, track down and crop photos and sync the occasional slideshow, here's your chance. The word "volunteer" isn't quite right since in fact Web editors are paid (thanks to donations from our paid members), but you're not going to get rich. You'll get a whopping US$15 for each description you write - US$25 if you also sync a presentation's slides to the audio.

You'll find details on TeamITC (as we call it for historical reasons) and our Apprenticeship Program on The Conversations Network web site.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.