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At the first of the year, Anne Thomas Manes wrote a provocative blog entry stating that SOA is dead. This week's Technometria podcast is a discussion with Anne about her thesis and what it means for practitioners and technologists. I think you'll enjoy it whether you're a fan of SOA or not.

From the description at IT Conversations:

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides ways to group functions around business processes, packaging them as services. This allows for better coordination between services. Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group joins Phil and Scott to discuss whether SOA is dead.

Many of her ideas are built around the idea that people are bad at architecture. She reviews examples of concrete architectural practices, including arch and process normalization. As part of her review of SOA, she shows why spectacular gains come from spectacular efforts.

From Anne Thomas Manes
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You ought to also read Anne's post on the responses to her original article for a few laughs.

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