Making Sense of Digital Identity


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Gabe Wachob is going to be teaching a course on digital identity as part of the Blue Oxen Associates Sense Making series. From the intro:

Digital identity has always posed unique social and technical challenges centered around security, privacy, and convenience. The Internet has made these challenges even more complex. The good news is that a number of new technologies are creating new opportunities for creating a secure and private Internet, where individuals are in control of their own data. This is a win-win scenario, because it creates new opportunities for service providers. The challenge is that this area is complex and rapidly changing.

Our coach, Gabe Wachob, will help you navigate this space quickly and act on this information intelligently. He will:

  • Help you understand the challenges unique to Internet-scale digital identity and how these new technologies fit into Web 2.0 and the enterprise.
  • Walk you through the alphabet soup of Internet Identity (from OpenID to Information Cards to oAuth and XRD), including how these technologies are being used, how they're evolving, and what their practical limitations are today.
  • Give you insight and access into the community that is developing these technologies, and explain how you can influence their evolution.
  • Work with you on the aspects of Internet Identity that are most relevant to you.

If you're in the Bay Area and have wanted to understand the ideas behind digital identity better and especially find out how it can affect your business or project, then this is a great place to start.

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