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I received several texts this morning, allegedly from my bank that said:

FRM: FARWESTBANK MSG: Urgent Far West Bank message AUTHORIZATION. To verify call TOOL FREE 8662249038.

Being the curious sort, I called and played around with it. The system was an IVR that asked for credit card information (all of it). I recorded the call so you can listen too. Click here for the MP3 file.

The places with low audio are me typing my responses. Of course, I didn't give it a real credit card number but I did give it a good test number so that if they were doing CRC checking on the number, they would accept it.

First time I've been phished via SMS. I'm afraid that many might see it as legit just because of the infrastructure involved and fall for it.

I tried to contact the Utah Div. of Consumer Protection. They offer a convenient PDF form that you can print and mail in for reporting things. Ended up just sending it to the AG's office.

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