IIW IX Is Coming Up! Register and Spread the Word

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The Ninth Semianual Internet Identity Workshop (IIW IX) is coming up in about 9 weeks: November 3-5 (Tuesday to Thursday) in Mountain View California at the Computer History Museum. It's time to register and to help us spread the word about the event.

We are excited about all the developments in the industry with protocol evolution in the social web space AND larger and larger scale deployments of open identity technologies including OpenID and Information Cards. There will be much to talk about at this fall's event.

We have low rates for early bird registration until September 16 then prices go up:

  • $274 for regular tickets
  • $148 for independents
  • $50 for students

Special this year we have the "BIG" ticket for those can expense $1000 (but can't convince their marketing department to sponsor). This is a GREAT way to support IIW!

We need to get 75 people registered by September 16 to make a final confirmation for our conference space at the Computer History Museum. All those who book early will get a special thanks. If you can register now, please do.

Please Help Us Promote IIW IX Here are some ways you can help.

  1. Invite people you know who would be good contributors and could learn from our discussions. Give them your reasons for coming (this can also be part of your blog post about the event).
  2. Put our logo on your blog or website. Then let your audience know and tweet about the change too. We have all the logo's and HTML for you here. They look sharp.
  3. Sign up for a date to blog about IIW in the next 3 weeks. We would like you to express what you have gotten out of past IIW's, what industry developments you are looking forward to discussing at this upcoming one, and reasons why people should attend. Here is the schedule you can add yourself and let Kaliya know the date you will be blogging. She will also remind you.
  4. Follow us on Twitter @idworkshop - and Tweet about the event.

This is going to be another great event and we're excited to have you come. See you in November.

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