10 Reasons You Should Attend Kynetx Impact

Kynetx Impact

On April 27-28, we'll hold the second Kynetx Impact conference. The first, last November, was well attended, very fun, and people consistently told us that they learned a lot. Impact isn't just a conference about KRL (Kynetx Rule Language) and the cool things you can do with it--although you'll find plenty of that too--it's a conference about what we think of as the client-side revolution: a whole new way of Web programming that thousands of developers are discovering.

So, with that intro, here are ten reasons you should come to Impact:

  1. Jon Udell - Jon Udell will be giving the Tuesday morning keynote. I've known Jon for years and admired him for many more--ever since he wrote for Byte magazine and I was just a wannabe. He's deeply curious and has a knack for finding the key points in any discussion. You'll love that you came to Impact after you hear him speak.
  2. Steve Gillmor - Steve Gillmor is larger-than-life and I find his analyses of the tech industry insightful. I take every opportunity I can to talk with Steve about things because he always challenges some pre-concieved notion that I have and makes me things in a different light. You will too after you hear him give Wednesday morning's keynote.
  3. Craig Burton - Craig Burton is a good friend of Kynetx and has provided critical stategic advice to us over and over. Craig understands the nature of the client-side revolution in ways that are unniquely Burtonian. As a founder of both Novell and Burton Group, Craig understands technology and startups in his very core. Craig's giving the closing keynote and you won't want to miss it.
  4. Steve Spencer - Steve Spencer is a technologist who understands how to build companies and shape products. He's been involved in interactive marketing for over a decade. He'll be speaking on its future.
  5. Programming the Internet - At Impact I'll introduce you to the opportunity that client-side programming gives us to move beyond the Web and program multiple domains (web, email, mobile telephony, etc.) so that they interact in ways that were never before possible.
  6. New Trends in Social Networks - one of the emerging opportunities online is user intention and relationship data. Developers who use intentions and relationships to write Web applications on the client-side will be building the next generation of distributed social networking systems.
  7. Unconference Sessions - On Wednesday we have three hours for you to set the agenda. The idea is that after the break-out sessions on programming KRL on Tuesday you might want to dive deep into particular subjects or just get together with other like-minded developers and throw ideas around. What ever the reason, we have built flexibility into the schedule for you to customize the conference to suit your needs.
  8. Product Announcements - Kynetx Impact Conference will also unveil a new Kynetx App Marketplace, new Kynetx Rules Language (KRL) integration with Google Calendar data, KRL Events to initiate actions based on events, and a new Kynetx API that developers can plug into their favorite IDE or use to create new types of applications. And we have a few surprises left... In addition, we're expecting some of our partners to make some important announcements at Impact.
  9. Awesome Agenda - In addition to the speakers, I've already mentioned, we'll also have featured talks from Joe Vito of Dunn and Bradstreet and Chad Engelgau from Acxiom. These two speakers will from broad experience about how data will revolutionize the way we program the Web.
  10. Developer App Showcase - Come see the winning applications from the developer contest we held this winter along with other noteworthy applications. If you're just starting, you'll get plenty of ideas. If you're a veteran KRL developer, be sure to let us know if you've got a cool app that others ought to see.
  11. Food - We'll feed you five meals at Impact--all included in the conference fee. I've personally sampled the menu choices and I think you'll be glad you came to Impact if all you enjoy is the food. It's that good. In addition, J&K Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt have agreed to sponsor Impact and send us some awesome samples. We're trying to make this so good that we're even including bacon.

Sorry, I couldn't stop at just ten. If you're in Utah, you don't often get a chance to see a lineup like this so close to home, so take some time, sign up, and come join us. If you're somewhere else, we're working hard to make sure you'll think it was worth the trip. Work Kynetx Impact into your schedule--you won't be disappointed.

To make the decision easier, I'm offering a discount code for 33% off the normal $150 price to readers of my blog. Just use the code "pjw33". Please take a minute and sign up now.

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