Utah Caucus Meetings Tomorrow! Come Participate!

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Statewide party caucuses for Republicans, Democrats and others will be held tomorrow, March 23, 2010 at 7pm. The election of a delegate is the first--and the most important--step in the partisan election process in Utah.

The delegates elected in a precinct will hold the power to vote on behalf of the approximately 1250 voters in their precinct at the statewide party conventions in May. If enough citizens don't turn out, a few "special interest" people end up controlling the vote for delegates; if special interest people become the delegates, they won't represent the interests of the majority of the precinct. Please come.

Precinct boundaries have changed in some areas, please check your registration cards sent to you to verify your new precinct information. If you have any questions about your precinct boundaries, call the Elections Office 801-851-8128 or check online. If you live in Utah County, you can find that information here. The Utah GOP website has information about their caucuses as does the Utah Democratic Party.

In Utah, where the Republican candidate wins 80-90% of the time, participating in the process to choose the candidate is extremely important. If you just show up and vote in November, you're not really doing much. Be part of the process.

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