Changing the News with Kynetx: Utah Company WILL Revolutionize Internet Use

Yesterday Tom Harvey of the Salt Lake Tribune had a great article on Kynetx in the Money section (see Utah company looks to revolutionize Internet use). I loved the article, but what I loved even more was what Casey Holgado (@caseyholgado), one of our summer interns, did with it. Here's the headline for the online article as it appeared:

SLTrib article before the application of Kynetx

Casey wrote a quick Kynetx app that changed the headline to read like this:

SLTrib article after the application of Kynetx

This to me embodies the spirit of Kynetx: "the Web, your way." We didn't change the text on the server, of course, only the headline for people who have the app installed in their browser. But that's the point: if you want this headline to read our way, then you install the app. Everyone else gets the default view. Welcome to Kynetx, where the user is in control.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.