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There are a couple of changes coming to IIW, one pragmatic and one philosophical. First the pragmatic...

Due to some scheduling snafus, the Computer History Museum is not available during the time we'd advertised for IIW XI (Nov 9-11). After much thought and discussion we've determined that the best course of action is to move it to another day rather than change the venue. CHM has many things to like and it's become the workshop's home. So, we're moving IIW XI to November 2-4.

We realize the 2nd is election day and hope you'll vote early. We also realize this causes some conflicts for people--personally, I'll reschedule or simply miss three things I was counting on. We're sorry. Refunds are available if you're already paid and can't make it now. Hopefully this is far enough out that it won't cause too many problems.

Now, for the philosophical. As I blogged after IIW X, it's clear that the conversation at IIW is continuing to evolve and there is a lot of interest around personal data, authorization, and related work. I view this as a natural outcome of people finally getting some basic technologies set up around wide-area identity. The conversation is moving up the stack, as it were.

IIW ultimately had a choice to make. We can stand still and serve as a workshop for introducing newbies to Internet identity or we can move forward as the conversation shifts to the interesting questions that Internet identity brings up. We're choosing the later path. IIW can't serve both groups effectively and ultimately we're rather be a smaller workshop closer to the "get your hands dirty" attitude that has characterized IIW from the start.

Consequently, we're going to stop calling IIW the "Internet Identity Workshop" and simple refer to it as IIW or the IIW Workshop. The conversation has outgrown the name, but not the underlying philosophy that the end user--people--are at the center of technologies which will propel the most important changes coming on the Internet. People centric technologies, like OpenID, Information Cards, OAuth, UMA, and others, are the heart of the discussion and will remain so.

Based on the discussions we had at the last IIW and the ones happening now at IIW East, I'm sure that personal data stores (PDS), vendor-relationship management (VRM), and related ideas are going to be a big topic at the upcoming IIW in November. I'm anxious to see that conversation develop and hope that you'll be able to join us. Please register for IIW XI here.

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