Building a Programming Layer for the Internet: Audio from Impact

Kynetx Impact

We held our Impact conference for 2010 last April. There were a lot of great talks. Some of them we were able to capture and have published on IT Conversations. If you have yes listened to Steve Spencer, Joe Vito, Steve Gillmor, or Jon Udell, take some time and put them on your playlist. They are great talks with great messages.

The audio from my talk from Impact wasn't quite good enough for IT Conversations--there were cutouts in some spots--so we didn't publish it there. I recently got around to cleaning it up and was going to publish it here. Then I decided I ought to link to the slides as well. Then I decided I ought to create a slidecast on SlideShare. Of course, the problem is that that's a lot more work.

Nevertheless, I spent some time yesterday with SlideShare and attached the audio to the slides. The result is less than I'd hoped for, but I learned some things that will help next time. I can't say I'm overly enamored of the SlideShare tools for syncing audio with slides.

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