Events, Webhooks, and the Realtime Web: Kynetx Dev Days


At Kynetx we're very bullish on the real-time Web. There are several trends that are leading us inexorably toward better use of real-time data including webhooks, Restful APIs, streaming data from sources like Twitter and Facebook, and Internet identity protocols like OAuth. At Kynetx, we use the term "event-driven" to descibe systems and architectures that make use of these ideas. Kynetx is a system for building event-driven applications that make use of webhooks, APIs, stream data, and user-centric identity. As I said in my post on Static Queries, Dynamic Data: Enabling the Real Time Web,

In a traditional database, the data is (relatively) static and the queries are dynamic. An event processing system is the dual of that. In an event processing system, the queries are static and the data is dynamic. Since KNS is an event processing network, or a system of programmable event loops, and KRL is an event processing language, it has provision for expressing static queries that it continuously applies to streams of events.

We're holding DevDays, or meetups, in Mountain View CA and Broomfield CO (near Boulder) in November to help introduce these ideas and socialize the ideas around event-driven systems.

The Mountain View DevDay will be on November 5th at the Computer History Museum. This is the day after the Internet Identity Workshop, so if you're in town for that, just stay an extra day and see what we're up to. We'll be talking about event-driven architectures and application, webhooks, and using APIs. Twilio will be there to talk about how webhooks are used in their telephony API. You can register for the Mountain View DevDay at Eventbrite.

The Broomfield DevDay will be on November 19th at Acxiom's Broomfield office. This is the day after Defrag and just down the street. Again, we'll be talking about event-driven architectures and application, webhooks, and using APIs. Acxiom will be there to talk about how they're using Kynetx with their Fortune 500 partners to build unique, compelling appliucations that are event-based and mashup data from across the Web. You can register for the Broomfield DevDay on Eventbrite.

At both of these events, we'll be demoing mind-blowing applications like Sam Curren's real-time telephone auction application that he wrote to mash up Twilio, Google spreadsheets, and Twitter to sell a phone at a conference. That's real-time at work. If you're interested in new, different, and powerful programming models and the real-time Web you'll want to come to one of our DevDays. I'm anxious to see what you think.

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