Esther Dyson: On Exploring Yourself

Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson is speaking about exploring the data about yourself.

  • The interesting question is not what you'll die from, but what you'll live with. Our genetics can tell us a lot, but much is still missing or not doable yet.
  • Visualizing and explaining data is critical. In order to live in the modern world you need to understand probability and statistic. Otherwise you're uninformed.
  • New interfaces (like Fitbit) are changing how we work with data about our selves. Most have warts. None of them interact with each other. (As an aside, this is the problem Kynetx is attacking.)
  • Data about us (how many miles we fly, whether we exercise, etc.) is status. How do you design systems, services, and tools where your healthy behavior connotates status.
  • Esther wants someone to build the BodyVille app that manages all the data about you.
  • Employers will buy and get late adopters to use health apps that create a better, healthier workforce.
  • Personal health data is less of a security risk than financial data and we've managed to secure that. The risk is somewhat overblown.

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