Stowe Boyd: Social Cognition

Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd is talking about social cognition. I always enjoy Stowe's take on things.

  • Adding people with high IQ to a small group doesn't add to the groups effectiveness.
  • What does make a small group more effecive is adding someone with good social sensibilities. Not correlated with IQ. Correlated with being a woman.
  • Groups with good social interaction have less monologues and more interaction.
  • Twittering led to students learning more--not just in one class, but across the board.
  • Having friendly, personal conversations within a group leads to better performance. Feeling good about the context people are working with is a key to performance. Conversely, confrontation prior to performing a task leads to worse performance.
  • Our thoughts, in a sense, are not our own. We think socially. We need to build social tools with an understanding of how people actually behave and what really affects them.

I'm made greater by the sum of my connections and so are my connections.

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