Schmidt at Dreamforce

I went to Dreamforce a few weeks ago. What a kick. The conference was so big and very fun. It reminded me of conferences from the 1990s. I couldn't believe how big the expo floor was. We had to leave before the closing keynote with Marc Benioff talking to Eric Schmidt. I made sure I watched the You Tube video.

The whole talk is work listening to, but it's over an hour. I was especially taken by a few minutes in the middle (at about minute 25). I showed this clip in my talk to the SCITDA conference. I took the liberty of clipping that section out so I could focus on it:

In this clip, Schmidt talks about the death of client-server computing and the business mode behind it. He talks about the power of the cloud--having the data all referencable from a single place--and how that empowers predictive computing and a new real-time "alerting" model that will transform computing. He says: "You think it's real-time now, it's really going to be real-time."

When Schmidt says "alerts," I hear "events." The transformation that Schmidt speaks of is the Live Web.

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