Fuse will have an open API from the start, making it a powerful, connected-car platform for developers who want to build applications that need data from the car.

Ford F-150 Connected.001-001

I've been asked several times if the Fuse connected-car application will have an open API. The short answer is "yes". And we're planning to make that API available from the first day its available.

Fuse is three things:

  1. A gizmo that plugs into your car and streams data about it's running parameters and location.
  2. A privacy-protecting personal cloud that receives that information and runs applications.
  3. A set of applications for Web, iOS, and Android to provide a user interface.

The personal cloud is based on our CloudOS platform. As a result Fuse can't help but have an open API. We'd have to take special steps to close it down. The Fuse applications will be constructed using the Personal Cloud Application Architecture. Consequently, they'll use the same API that we make available to everyone else.

Because Fuse will have an open API, any developer will be able to build applications on this platform. We have a few more developer rewards available on our Kickstarter project page if you'd like early access and help from us in getting started.

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Last modified: Wed Feb 12 16:58:29 2020.