Fuse Update: Free Data Service for Kickstarter Backers


We've figured out a way to include the data charge in the price of the Fuse device for our Kickstarter backers if we can reach a stretch goal of $75000.


If you're a regular reader of this site, you know that I'm currently conducting a Kickstarter campaign on connected cars called Fuse. Our solution is different from other solutions like Automatic in significant ways—most notably our decision to use a device that has its own cellular connection.

I believe our strategy of connecting cars to your personal cloud through a cellular service is superior to other solutions that use Bluetooth or Wifi. Until today that has always come with a price—a monthly service fee. As a stretch goal, we are now offering any Kickstarter supporter no service fee upon reaching $75,000 (125% of our goal). This means all the benefits of Fuse for a one-time cost of $139 with no monthly charges. This is limited to our Kickstarter supporters only, so please spread the word.

If you're inclined to help get the word out, I've created the following social media links to make it easy for you to tell your followers about this new development (don't worry, they won't post until you review, edit, and press submit):

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Last modified: Wed Feb 12 16:58:13 2020.