We've had a successful Kickstarter and now we've got a new CEO. Kynetx is ready to take off.

There are a few changes happening at Kynetx that I like to think of as a reboot. Most importantly, we just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Fuse, our connected car product. Kickstarter, at least in our case, wasn't as much about raising money as it was about product validation. We've sold almost 500 Fuse devices. That's a big step toward understanding the market for connected car products. We've also been able to map out markets we play in and how we're different from competitors in those markets.

The second big change is that Steve Fulling is leaving Kynetx and I'm taking over as CEO. There's no drama here. Steve's leaving for personal reasons and he remains a big shareholder and member of the board. Steve and I remain close friends and collaborators. Steve will continue to be an active participant in strategic discussions about Kynetx and its future.

Kynetx is in a good place, a place we've never been before with a product that's had some market validation. People are excited about Fuse and that, in turn, makes me excited about the future. There will be challenges ahead, to be sure, but we're poised to really take off in 2014.

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Last modified: Wed Feb 12 16:59:48 2020.