Using jQuery Mobile and Backbone


I've updated a jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js tutorial I found online to use the latest versions of jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js.

Bicycle & Jogger with child ride along the bike path

I've been interested in using Backbone as part of my jQuery apps for a while. I finally got around to playing with it. I found a good set of tutorials by Steve Smith that builds a simple activity tracker.

Good, that is, except that there's something wrong with the formatting so you can't actually see the code snippets and some parts just seem to be missing altogether. A little hard to read. The saving grace is that Steve created a Github repo of the whole thing. What's especially cool is that each of the transformations outlined in his four blog posts is a different branch. Consequently you can check the whole thing out and experiment with each by merely checking out a different branch and reloading.

I wanted to use this model but jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Backbone.js have all been updated since the example was written. Before using the tutorial as the basis for something I needed to make sure it all still worked with the latest versions. So, I forked the repo and added a new branch, update-to-jqm14-bb11, and made it compliant with the new versions. If you clone my repo and check out that branch, you'll have a simple activities demo that uses the latest code.

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Last modified: Mon Feb 10 18:17:28 2020.