Fuse Version 1 Candidate Release for 20140815


This blog post gives some highlights from the recent release candidate for Fuse version 1.

Colour: The spice of life

On Friday I released new code that serves as the latest candidate for Fuse version 1. Here are some of the things that were included:

  • Maintenance API — the maintenance API was completed. The maintenance API contains queries and services for managing reminders, alerts, and maintenance history.
  • Fix Refresh Token Refreshing — Refresh token refreshing is more robust now and integrated with the "fleet as repository for OAuth tokens" model of linking Fuse to Carvoyant.
  • Refactor Weekly Report — The weekly report now uses a separate function to get the fleet summary. This new function will also be used for generating exportable CSV files for taxes and other use cases.
  • Name changes — some query and event names were changed to be more consistent.

There have also been changes to Joinfuse.com:

  • Add status — the provisioning app now shows the status of the link between vehicles and Carvoyant as well as some basic data about the vehicle.
  • Version choice — there are both product and development version of the service. Joinfuse now recognizes which the user is attached to and uses the correct service.

In addition, the javaScript SDK and it's documentation have been updated to match changes to the underlying service.

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