Two important announcements about Fuse: the apps are available now and we've launched a forum for discussions around Fuse.

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I have two important announcements regarding Fuse. One is likely to be much more exciting than the other, but both are important, so please read the entire post.

First, we're excited to announce that apps are available (finally!) for Fuse for both iOS and Android. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers for helping to get this done and especially to Alex Olson for making it all happen. We're excited to have you download them and try them out.

A few notes:

  • The app provides fleet views for trips and fuel as well as details about trips, a feature for fuel management, and "Find My Car."
  • Log into the app with the Fuse account you created at in the Fuse Management Console
  • The app doesn't have functionality for managing your vehicles, etc. That's what the Fuse Management Console is for. You'll still need to use the Fuse Management Console.
  • We are still working on and plan to release maintenance features. The API for maintenance is complete, but it hasn't been surfaced in the app yet.
  • There is still one stability bug remaining that we're working on, but we decided it was usable as is (I've been using it for several months) and continue to work on the stability. The bug involves how the menu works and results in the app buttons being non-responsive. The workaround at this point is to kill the app.
  • The Android version is likely less polished than the iOS version because neither Alex nor I are Android users, so we're at a disadvantage there.

In addition to fixing the obvious bugs and getting maintenance done, we're working to open source the app code. It's in Cordova. The primary roadblock there is ensuring that we haven't left any keys lying around in the code. In the meantime, if you're interested in forking the project and having a look at the code (or better yet, submitting a pull request), send me your Github ID and I'm happy to add you to the project.

The second part of this announcement is that we have launched a forum for Fuse at This will be our last post on Kickstarter. From now on we will treat the Fuse Forum as the primary channel for communicating with you about Fuse. Please look around and feel free to ask questions there. We're excited to have a real forum for interacting with everyone about Fuse. In addition to the forum, you'll often find interesting articles about the technical implementation of Fuse and its philosophical underpinnings here on my blog.

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