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Centralized Services Needn't be Evil to be a Problem

Relying on a single actor to make things work for millions is no way to do something as fundamental to human autonomy and dignity as digital identity.
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Future-Safe Archives

In an interesting podcast format—voicemails—Dave and Doc raise the issue of future-safe archives. This is one of those important, but not-urgent-enough issues that gets far too little attention. As they point out, we have Internet Archives, but that's just a copy and, while better than nothing, doesn't always preserve the original. I've got several different thoughts in my head after listening to Doc. First, I think preserving things is worthwhile. When Doug Kaye decided to shut down IT Conversations, he did so early enough that he could "endow" its preservation at Internet Archives and pay for the preservation of
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Four Pillars of an SSI Network

Building an operating network takes more than protocols or even code. It requires aligning the efforts of people to get a hard thing done. We created the Sovrin Foundation to foster a thriving ecosystem for an identity metasystem.
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