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SSI Doesn't Mean Accounts Are Going Away

I saw a tweet that said (paraphrasing): "In the future people won't have accounts. The person (and their wallet) will be the account." While I appreciate the sentiment, I think reality is much more nuanced than that because identity management is about relationships, not identities (whatever those are). Supporting a relationship requires that we recognize, remember, and react to another party (person, business, or thing). In self-sovereign identity (SSI), the tools that support that are wallets and agents. For people, these will be personal. For a business or other organization they'll be enterprise wallets and agents. The primary difference
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Defining Digital Identity

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Learning Digital Identity, which will be available January 2023.
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Better Onboarding with Verifiable Credentials

Making onboarding easier would result in better customer experience, more customers, and reduced support costs.
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